Blood, sweat and tears are often shed through rigourous training to achieve our goals. These goals, whether it being winning a race, achieving a PB or simply finishing a race/competition, should be rewarded, remembered and never be forgotten – they make us who we are. A daily reminder of your achievements is a perfect way to help you achieve that next goal and also inspire others.

I am very passionate about most sports but in particular triathlons and horse riding hence I decided to concentrate on charms associated with these for now… but watch this space for future charms! Also if you have a specific charm you would like please contact me.

You may prefer to have seperate bracelets/necklaces for each of your disciplines ie a bracelet for trail running and a bracelet for triathlons, to which you keep on adding event discs/medals. Or you might prefer to have one bracelet with all of your discs/medals!

They are lightweight, waterproof and robust so no need to remove before training :-)
(Although please note that all silver naturally tarnishes and a few things speed up this process if you never take your jewellery off such as showering, applying lotions or perfumes, sweat, swimming pools)

JennyThe memento discs can be engraved front and back; eg IMSA 2014 (your race) on the front and 10:49:16 (your time) on the back.

The charms are 100% silver and made locally in Cape Town.

(Jenny Close – 7 x Ironman inc Kona 2014, ex Int event rider – www.jennyclose.com)

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